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I’m Audrey. You can read a short version of my story here.

My mission behind BPD Beautiful is to raise awareness, support others living with BPD and help loved ones understand.

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Plans for BPD Beautiful

  • Upgrade web-hosting for faster site speed.
  • DBT Recap series – free weekly series that’ll contain easy to digest breakdowns of each module in DBT and their respective skills. Subscribers will also receive weekly diary cards that will correspond with that week’s recap. Weeks 1-3 have already been developed, with about ten more weeks in the works. I’m hoping to launch this within the next 3-6 months.
  • Go from posting a new blog every month or other month to 3-4X a month.
  • Go from posting 1-3X a week on social media, with occasional breaks, to 5-6X per week with much less breaks.
  • Much more video content. I have several month’s worth of videos in the pipeline that still need to be edited & published.
  • Features of real life people with BPD and other partnerships with mental health experts. I’d love to dive into this strategy by the end of 2022 to give you guys the chance to tell your story and to connect you with experts that advocate for BPD.
  • I’m hoping to see an official BPD Beautiful Podcast come to fruition by the end of 2023.