• Emotional Wellness

    5 Strategies to Overcome and Prevent Anxiety Attacks

    Anxiety is a common mental health condition affecting millions of people worldwide. It often manifests as excessive worry or fear, and in extreme cases, it can lead to debilitating panic attacks. However, with the right strategies and techniques, it is possible to manage anxiety and prevent these attacks. In this article on BPD Beautiful, we will explore various methods to help you navigate through anxiety and keep panic attacks at bay.

  • Family Life

    How to Deal with BPD Episodes for Parents of Teens with BPD

    BPD episodes are hard to live with when you have the condition. Teens with BPD do not have it easy. Parenting a teen with BPD can be complicated too. BPD episodes can be difficult to manage as a parent of a borderline teenager. I know firsthand because I am in remission from borderline personality disorder after over a decade of mental health treatment. I also have a teen who has many BPD traits (but is still too young to be formally diagnosed), which makes sense because BPD runs in our family.

    The following post lays out what I would have wanted done for me, as a teen with BPD, and is what I keep in mind for my son whenever he’s in an intense emotional state of his own. It takes time and patience to get the hang of and things will never be 100%, but these steps work for us. On top of de-escalating intense emotions, they strengthen our relationship and build up my son’s mental wellbeing too. 

  • Product Reviews

    Books for BPD: The BPD Workbook Review

    Books for BPD: Introduction

    The Borderline Personality Disorder Workbook by Daniel J Fox, PhD is a comprehensive guide to understanding and managing BPD. It’s written for those diagnosed with the disorder, as well as those who care about them or just want to learn more.

    The book offers an in-depth look into the causes of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and practical advice on how to cope with it. It’s packed with exercises and strategies designed to help readers gain greater self-awareness, manage their emotions, build healthier relationships, and make positive changes in their lives. This review goes over the chapters, sections and exercises found in The Borderline Personality Workbook—one of the best available books for BPD, as well as Audrey’s thoughts on its effectiveness for treating borderline personality disorder.

  • Living With BPD

    Borderline Personality Disorder and God: A Christian Perspective

    bpd blog post from a christian perspective

    Trigger Warning:  Christianity in a favorable light. Read at your own discretion.

    It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post—a little over a year, actually. Yikes. I wanted to start this by thanking everyone who has reached out about my blog post, Borderline Personality Disorder and the Church.

    The stories I’ve read have touched my heart deeply, and I’m honored that anyone would share their life with me. I’ve been incredibly encouraged by everyone’s words, and I’m so grateful that the Lord is using my story to help others.

    Now to the juicy stuff! BPD and Christianity.

    People with BPD often get stuck in the “all-or-nothing” thinking. BPD makes finding shades of grey nearly impossible. That’s a huge part of why maintaining healthy relationships is so difficult. As soon as someone we love does something even remotely “bad” (i.e., no response to a text, invalidating our emotions, rejections, disagreements, criticism…you get the point), our view of them changes. It happens instantly against our will. Our adult self doesn’t want this to happen—it makes us sick to our stomach with sadness—but some triggered parts grab the steering wheel from us. 

    * Note: we all have parts; they’re not exclusive to people with BPD. Research IFS (internal family systems) if you want to know more!