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Printable Worksheets

Instantly download and print worksheets that help with common BPD symptoms.

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Guided Exercises

ASMR inspired guided meditations for BPD symptoms and triggers.

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Books & Memoirs

Our top favorite memoirs & books about BPD. Available on Amazon.

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We’re BPD Beautiful.

Everyone on our team has a personal reason for why they’re dedicated to spreading BPD awareness. We’re not a group of mental health professionals who just don’t get it. We’re warriors. We’re survivors. We’re loved ones. We’re advocates.


Sadie’s Favorite

Sadie’s Favorite tells the story of a girl lost, a woman recovered and the trauma in between. It explores what love is, what it isn’t, friendship and the importance of keeping those you cherish close. But not too close.

WRITTEN by Audrey Harper, creator of BPD Beautiful

“BPD recovery isn’t a destination, it’s a lifestyle. Have patience with yourself. The daily struggle may get you down but it’s the overall journey that matters most.”

Audrey Harper

Creator of BPD Beautiful

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