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BPD Beautiful’s mission is to raise BPD awareness, support people living with BPD and help their loved ones better understand this debilitating, but treatable, condition. Read more about us here. If you’re looking to get in front of the BPD community — we have mental health advertising options available.

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Who can advertise with us?

  • Mental health professionals or coaches that specialize in borderline personality disorder, trauma, DBT or other therapy methods and are interested in mental health advertising.
  • Treatment centers within the USA that are advertising their mental health services.
  • Content creators, course designers or authors in the mental health & wellness space.
  • Any other mental health resource or organization that pertains to BPD or generalized mental health.

Traffic & Insights

Since its inception in July 2020, BPD Beautiful has been steadily growing. We range from 4K – 7K visitors per month, and average around 600 returning visitors per month. Our combined social media following, private group membership and email list is 14.8K+.

Our audience is well targeted with most users looking to help themselves manage their BPD symptoms. The other half of our audience are loved ones looking to be more effective support people, and we also reach victims of abuse from people with untreated BPD. We do not publish content that could add to the stigma surrounding BPD nor do we publish content that makes users feel helpless or like a lost cause. We stand by current medical research that says BPD has a better than previously believed prognosis and recovery rate.

Sponsorship approval is at BPD Beautiful’s discretion.

As a bonus, BPD Beautiful was founded by an expert marketer and content creator (who just so happened to have BPD herself) with over 15 years of professional digital marketing experience.

Mental Health Advertising

Website Ads
  • Resource Page Banner: $180 (graphic or photo provided by Sponsor – 500 x 500, published for 6 months)
  • Resource Page Text Link: $120 for 6 months
Blog Post Features
  • Post Text Link: $90 for 6 months (within relevant blog post – new or existing)
  • Post Shoutout: $180 for 6 months (within relevant blog post – new or existing, up to 300 words, copy provided by Sponsor)
  • Sponsored Guest Post: $300 (relevant topic chosen and written by sponsor, published for life – lifetime Pin on Pinterest)
  • Sponsored Blog Post: $1000 (written by BPD Beautiful, choice of review or Q+A, up to 1600 words, SEO friendly published for life – lifetime Pin on Pinterest)
Social Media Features
  • Resource Story: $40 (graphic provided by sponsor – 1080 x 1920, runs for 24 hours + saved to Resources highlight on Instagram & featured Resources on Facebook for 6 months)
  • Newsfeed Post: $100 (graphic & copy up to 200 words provided by sponsor – 500 x 500, includes link on LinkTree #linkinbio for Instagram and link in comments on Facebook – includes post boost with your link on Instagram & Facebook for 14 days + pinned on Facebook for 30 days)
  • Private Facebook Group Post: $30 (graphic of any size with copy up to 200 words + link provided by Sponsor + saved to Featured section for 6 months)
  • Link Placement in BPD Resources Email: $120 (automated email sent to new subscribers & opted-in group members, included in list for 12 months)
Full payment is made via Stripe or PayPal after agreement is signed
All prices listed are in USD and include payment processing fees

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