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    75 Ideas for a DIY Depression Care Package

    Build a Care Package for Someone with Depression

    I’m Audrey Harper — the woman behind BPD Beautiful, a BPD recovery blog that aims to spread BPD awareness and assist others in understanding those living with BPD. This post features product ideas for a DIY depression care package for either your loved one with depression, a charity serving a depressed community or even for yourself.

    Since BPD Beautiful is a BPD recovery blog, of course I have to mention the correlation between depression and borderline personality disorder at least once in this post. Here are some statistics originally found on verywellmind

    BPD and depression commonly occur together. One study found that about 96% of patients with BPD met criteria for a mood disorder. In this study, about 83% of patients with BPD also met criteria for major depressive disorder, and about 39% of patients with BPD also met criteria for dysthymic disorder.  

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    Top 5: Songs About Depression You’ve Never Heard in 2023 (Indie, Rock & Pop )

    If you suffer with depression or anxiety, you probably like listening to music that relates to mental illness. My friend and I scoured the internet to find the best unknown songs about depression. All of these songs are from local musicians across the globe. Their songs are well written and well produced but more importantly, they’re relatable.

    If you like a song, please support the artist. Leave them a comment. Add them to your playlists. Stream their music.