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    It’s Hard to Get a BPD Diagnosis: One Girl’s Story (Q+A)

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    Trigger Warning: BPD stigma, stigma by mental health clinicians

    Living with BPD Stigma

    Here’s the real truth about living with borderline personality disorder: you are going to be stigmatized. By people online. By film or TV producers. By mental health clinicians. By strangers. Maybe even by your own family and friends. There’s no way around it. 

    However, as someone who lives with BPD, one group in particular stands out to me: mental health clinicians. Why is it that almost every single person I know with BPD (& I know lots) has a story like our featured guest, Adrianna Rangel? 

    Why is it that mental health professionals—people we should be able to get treatment from, are refusing to call us back, abruptly ending their services with us or are otherwise brushing us off when we only just admit out loud, ‘I think I have borderline personality disorder’ or are up front about our BPD diagnosis?

    As hard of a condition as borderline personality disorder is to both live & deal with, it’s treatable. Contrary to old beliefs in the medical world, recent studies of BPD have confirmed that not only is treatment is possible but BPD also has a high recovery success rate.

  • Flashback Friday

    Life, Defined by an Eating Disorder

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    Trigger Warning: Purging, food restriction, treatment program, mothers with eating disorders. Read at your own discretion.

    My Eating Disorder Recovery Story

    I’m Audrey—a 29 year old mum of a primary school aged boy with borderline personality disorder and a long history of mental illness. My eating disorder, in particular, began around the time I was 13 years old. It started as EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) and later, developed into bulimia. This is my eating disorder recovery story.

    The first time I tried to purge, I stopped as soon as I started gagging. I berated myself for days about it. I wasn’t strong enough. I was pathetic. Sometimes I wish I could visit my younger self, alone in my room thinking those distorted thoughts and feeling absolutely hopeless. If only I knew then what I know now.

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    Top 5: Songs About Depression You’ve Never Heard in 2022 (Indie, Rock & Pop )

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    If you suffer with depression or anxiety, you probably like listening to music that relates to mental illness. My friend and I scoured the internet to find the best unknown songs about depression. All of these songs are from local musicians across the globe. Their songs are well written and well produced but more importantly, they’re relatable.

    If you like a song, please support the artist. Leave them a comment. Add them to your playlists. Stream their music.