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When you have borderline personality disorder or love someone who does, it can be nice to talk to someone who understands it firsthand. Schedule a BPD Coaching call with me, Audrey from BPD Beautiful, to talk about your experiences with BPD.

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I’m Audrey! Sorry, I don’t show my face but I’m the woman behind BPD Beautiful. I’m a proud mom, follower of Jesus and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. I’ve been diagnosed with bulimia, depression, anxiety, CPTSD and BPD. It took 10+ years of treatment for me to finally enter remission. My goal through BPD Beautiful is to help people with BPD and their loved ones find hope and reach their full potential. Read about my recovery here.

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Calls can’t replace therapy.

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BPD Coaching will provide you with a safe place where you’ll be listened to with empathy, understanding and validation from someone who’s successfully gone into remission after over 10 years of professional treatment. You can vent, get encouragement, advice, resources or we can tackle goals from an action plan we come up with together – it’s entirely up to you!

Frequently Asked Q’s

Is BPD Coaching right for me?

For people with BPD: If you’re currently NOT in a mental health crisis and you’re already in or have already done therapy with a mental health professional, a call with me may be beneficial for you. Especially if you’re looking to feel seen, validated or heard by someone who understands what it’s like to struggle with BPD firsthand.

Coaching should be considered supplemental support to professional treatment – someone who can relate to you, help support your goals, encourage you to stay strong & hold out hope and also hold you accountable (if you’d like that). It’s for people with BPD who have self awareness, are higher functioning and want an extra boost in maintaining a healthier mindset.

If at any point, I feel I’m not a good fit for you or that you need guidance by a mental health professional – I will promptly let you know.

For loved ones: If you’re having a hard time understanding BPD or would like tips on how to better cope with or navigate a loved one’s BPD symptoms, a call may be beneficial. Just keep in mind, even though your loved one and I may share a diagnosis &/or common traits – my own experience will still differ from your loved one’s.

What can I expect from a BPD Coaching call?

A call with me is not like therapy. I can’t say this enough – I’m NOT a therapist so I cannot treat or diagnose you. When we talk, it’s more like talking on the phone with a friend who may relate to you a great deal. My main goal during the call is to actively listen to and support you. If you’d like someone to hold you accountable and brainstorm goals & action steps with you (that do not conflict with your therapist’s guidance) – I can do that too.

I only give advice or suggestions when you specifically ask for it. Please keep in mind, however, that any advice I provide is only based on my own personal recovery experiences. It’s not based on schooling, training or any particular therapy method. While it would be well-intended advice, I can’t guarantee there won’t be any errors in my advice or that it would work for your particular situation.

Usually calls are very casual and low pressure. They’re similar to a support group that’s run by a peer who’s dealt with a similar circumstance, only it’s one-on-one and I only share about myself if you’d like me to.

You’re free to ask me anything about my own experiences or what’s worked for me. I’m an open book!

Can my loved one and I do a call together?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine as long as both parties are willing. I’m not comfortable nor am I qualified to hold an intervention.

If you suspect your loved one is abusing you (whether you’re the person with BPD or not), I highly recommend you do not book a joint call.

Do I need a formal BPD diagnosis?

You do not need a BPD diagnosis in order to talk with me. Dealing with BPD traits can still be a huge struggle and extra peer support may be beneficial. The only thing I ask, whether you’ve been diagnosed or not, is that you have a history of or are currently working with a mental health professional. A coach should not be your first line of defense when dealing with mental health matters.

BPD coaching with me is supplemental peer support – not a replacement for therapy. It provides you with someone who can relate to you, help support your goals, encourage you to stay strong & hold out hope and also hold you accountable (if you’d like that)

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* I’m a peer in remission from BPD, NOT a licensed therapist. BPD Coaching is not therapy and cannot replace therapy.

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