An Example of a Borderline and Narcissist Relationship (Video)

borderline and narcissist relationship bpd and narcissist couple bpd vs npd

In this video, I share a story of a borderline and narcissist relationship (undiagnosed – suspected only, using keywords for search engine purposes) in hopes to shed some light on what it could potentially look like. A BPD and narcissist couple is usually wrought with instability, volatility and abusiveness. Even so, a borderline and narcissist relationship can look different for everyone. This is just one measly experience based on my own life, and should not be taken as something set in stone. Your experience may look vastly different.

Audrey Harper

Audrey Harper is the creator of BPD Beautiful. She’s a proud mom, follower of Jesus and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. Throughout her teens and 20’s–she was diagnosed with bulimia, depression, anxiety, CPTSD and BPD. After 10+ years of treatment and finally entering remission, she decided to create an online community that’s devoted to helping others. As a passionate advocate for mental health, Audrey wants to inspire people impacted by BPD and other mental illness to find hope and reach their full potential. Book a coaching call with Audrey.

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